Baglamukhi Puja Cost and Benefits

Baglamukhi Puja Cost and Benefits

The Hindu deity Baglamukhi is considered to be the eighth of the Das Mahavidyas. Her adversaries are filled with dread at the very mention of this Goddess, which is another name for her. The term “Bagala” derives from the Sanskrit terms “Valga,” which can be translated as “bridle” or “restrain,” and “Mukh,” which can be translated as “mouth.” Her opponents have a healthy amount of respect for her because of the power she possesses to render them mute or helpless. This divine figure, who is commonly portrayed as having golden or gold skin, is also referred to by the name Pitambari. Mother Goddess ensures that anyone who does her puja receives the Baglamukhi Puja Cost to the best.

What is Baglamukhi Puja? 

In honour of Goddess Baglamukhi, one of the Dus Mahavidya, the ritual of Baglamukhi puja is carried out. The goddess Durga assumes several guises, and she is one of them. She represents dominance and incapacitation of the adversary by showing herself with a club in her right hand and a demon’s tongue in her left. She wears a yellow saree and jewellery to placate her deities and accepts yellow offerings. Her devotees pray to her to be shielded from harm, to have courage, to be successful, and to ultimately triumph over their adversaries. If you want to win in the realm of thoughts and the battle of will, then performing her puja is a must. To know more about Baglamukhi puja benefits in Hindi, contact Deepak Guruji at his contact number 9669070816 to follow the right guidance and solve any existing issues. 

Maa Baglamukhi Puja Cost

Havan and ritual costs can be anywhere from a few thousand to one hundred thousand dollars. Devotees can select the appropriate havan and rite from the selection provided. The priciest Maa Baglamukhi puja cost is 21,000 Rupees for 31,000 recitations and 125,000 Rupees for 125,000 recitations. If you want to carry out the puja and know about the Baglamukhi puja cost, then you can contact Deepak Guruji at his contact number 9669070816 and he will guide you accordingly.

Baglamukhi Puja Benefits

  1. To Solve Legal Matters

Possible conflicts that this Puja could assist resolve include divorce, ownership of property, and money problems. It’s also great to have in case someone falsely accuses you of something. This Puja ensures success in court no matter how grave the scenario. 

  1. Protection from the Invading Evil Eye

It protects against both overt threats and subtle ones, such as the evil eye. Contact Deepak Guruji if you want to do so at his contact number 9669070816 and for guidance on Baglamukhi puja benefits in Hindi.

  1. Negates Or Eliminates Harmful Spells

It helps undo the damage done by black magic and shields the user from further assaults.

  1. To Solve Business and Profession Related Issues

It can help one get forward in their chosen field or kickstart a business.

  1. A Solution to Financial Problems 

If in case you experience financial problems or a significant loss in any field, the Maa Baglamukhi puja is the solution to your prayers. You can call Deepak Guruji at this number (9669070816) for guidance if you, too, are having difficulty of a similar kind.

  1. Good Health, Plenty, And Accomplishment

Among the many Baglamukhi puja benefits, it protects from the possibility of loss due to death, accident, or theft.

  1. It will avert all sorts of Mental And Physical Ailments
  • This Puja will shield the worshippers from danger, disease, and death.
  • It Prolongs one’s lifespan and makes one healthier.
  • Accidents, surgeries, scars, and injuries are all taken care of.

How to Book Baglamukhi Puja Online? 

  • If you want to schedule a Baglamukhi puja online, you can reach Deepak Guruji at 9669070816 via phone or text message.
  • He will explain the method, as well as the Baglamukhi puja cost and the daan Samagri.
  • We will provide Guruji with your full name, birth date, and location, as well as your Sankalp (your wish for the Maa Baglamukhi puja), and you can rest well.

Best Pandit for Maa Baglamukhi Puja

For over ten years, self-proclaimed humanitarian and spiritual devotee Deepak Guruji has taught countless people the lessons he has learned. Tantra and Astrology are two of the many tools he uses to help people with mental, physical, financial, and health problems. Using Astrology and Tantra, he looks into the problem at hand and provides focused aid to people in need.

Guruji has been contemplating existential questions for a long time. He has done extensive studies on the causes of human suffering and the ways in which people might overcome them. Shree Deepak Guruji is mentioned because he is a pioneer in the Indian Tantra tradition. Black magic is an old practice he employs to assist with modern problems.

Guruji explains how to solve these problems. He is well-versed in astrology, tantra, and astronomy, as well as the other six areas of Vedic study (Dash Maha Vidaya). Numerous people have found solutions to their personal and professional problems by following Guruji’s Sadhana and rituals. Devotees from all over the world have put their faith in Deepak Guruji’s puja services for decades and have gained immensely from the Baglamukhi puja benefits. Contact Baglamukhi Puja Pandit Deepak Guruji has collaborated with numerous notable astrologers and pandits. 

Best Time or Muhurat for Baglamukhi Puja

In the Hindu calendar year 2024, the eighth day (Ashtami Tithi) of the month of Vaisakh in the Shukla Paksha is dedicated to the goddess Baglamukhi. In the Gregorian calendar year 2024, the month of May or April. Choghadiya is where you may find the Baglamukhi puja muhurta.

Maa Baglamukhi Mandir Information

Only three major Maa Baglamukhi temples exist in India, the cities of Datia in Madhya Pradesh, Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, and the Nalkheda area of Shajapur, also in Madhya Pradesh. All three are important in their own right.

The Trishakti Mata Baglamukhi Temple is situated on the banks of the Lakhundar River in Shajapur tehsil, Nalkheda. This temple from the Dwapar period is quite magnificent. Sages and saints from the Shaiva and Shakti Margi traditions travel from all across India to participate in the frequent Tantric ceremonies that are held here. 

To ensure his victory in the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna instructed Maharaja Yudhishthira to construct this shrine. This temple has been there for a very long time. The temple had refurbishment around the year 1815. Those seeking to have their wishes granted or to gain an advantage from Baglamukhi puja benefits can come to this temple to perform yagya, havan, or devotion. Those who are wishing to visit these mandirs, please feel free to contact Deepak Guruji at this number (9669070816) for advice.

Baglamukhi Puja Procedure 

The extent of the puja you perform to invoke Mother Baglamukhi’s blessings will depend on your circumstances and the amount of time you have at your disposal. The Panchopachara Pujan Method is a straightforward approach to performing puja and enhances the Maa Baglamukhi puja benefits. If you want to do a complicated puja, you should follow the Shodashopachara Poojan method. Here you’ll experience a complete outline of the rituals for Maa Baglamukhi puja.

Panchopachara Pujan Vidhi

  • In the first Upchar, they’ll offer sandalwood and turmeric-kumkum to the goddess. The first step is to dust the goddess with sandalwood powder using one’s ring finger. After that, they’ll sprinkle some Kumkum and Haldi powder on Bhagwati’s feet.
  • As part of the second Upchar, they’ll offer the flowers and foliage to the goddess. In the process, they’ll present a bunch of bright yellow flowers to Maa Baglamukhi. 
  • The third Upchar is to burn incense in honour of the deity. Do not move your hands around to blow out the incense smoke as you offer it to the Goddess. Thereafter, they’ll recite the traditional Aarti and continue with the Puja.
  • The Goddess’s Private Aarti (the Fourth Upchar). Then they’ll perform deep aarti three times at a relaxed tempo. Ring the bell with your left hand as you recite the Deep-Aarti. 
  • The Fifth Precept, Naivedya. 
  • In this process, they’ll offer unsalted Naivedya to the Goddess. Before the Naivedya, they’ll form a square water mandala on the floor in front of the Bhagwati. Then they’ll create a round watermark around the offering plate in a clockwise direction. Thereafter, Mantras precede the Naivedya. 

Shodashopachara Worship Method

  • In the initial Upchar or welcome ceremony, they’ll offer sandalwood, Akshat, and Tulsidal or flowers to the mother Goddess and also chant the holy Mantras.
  • The second step is Upchar-Asana. The goddess’s favourite foliage and flowers are provided as an offering, and a gorgeous throne awaits her arrival.
  • In the third Upchar, they’ll use Padya, an offering of water to bathe the feet of the deity. They’ll pour the water over the goddess’s feet using a Tamrapatra or a copper lota.
  • In the fourth Upchar, they’ll give Arghya to the goddess, or water, to cleanse her hands. They’ll soak Sandalwood and a flower for the idol’s hand in Achamani water.
  • Achamani, the goddess’s mouth-washing ritual, is the sixth Upchar. Camphor water is an acceptable sacrifice to the deities in Achamani’s Tamrapatra.
  • In the sixth Upchar, the Goddess takes a bath in Panchamrit. The Panchamrit consists of five distinct kinds of dairy and two kinds of sugar. After that, they’ll offer a bath scented with sandalwood and camphor to the Goddess. Thereafter, they’ll use Ushnodak to clean God. Ushnodak refers to a cold or lukewarm bath.
  • Throughout the entire Mahabhishek ceremony, they’ll use a slow trickle of water and offer the same to the Goddess. During the Mahabhishek ceremony, they’ll accomplish everything with the Abhisheka Patra and recite several Suktas to enhance the Maa Baglamukhi puja benefits

Some More Steps to Shodashopara Worship Method

  • They’ll offer the clothes for the Goddess in the seventh Upchar. To symbolize it, they’ll give two cotton clothes to the god. The goddess drapes one cloth over her neck and places the other at her feet.
  • Upchar, also known as the Eightfold Offering in the Saubhagya Sutra. Then they’ll offer the Saubhagya Sutra as a sacrifice to a goddess.
  • The ninth Upchar consists of presenting the Goddess with an unbroken offering of rice, Roti, turmeric, Chandan, abir, Gulal, Akshat, or Gandhakshat.
  • At the tenth Upchar, you’ll need to offer a bouquet and a garland to the Goddess. The Goddess adores flowers of any shade of yellow.
  • In the eleventh Upchar, they’ll give Dhoop and Batti to the Goddess.
  • In the twelfth Upchar, you’ll notice a deep made of pure cow ghee is igniting.
  • In the thirteenth Upchar, you’ll need to offer Naivedya. Here the Naivedya means the meal which you should offer the Goddess.
  • In the fourteenth Upchar, you need to carry out the meditation process for the holy Goddess.
  • The fifteenth Upchar is titled “Circumambulation.” Circle the Goddess in a clockwise direction after paying your respects to her. If you can’t move, just stand still and do three full clockwise circles.
  • The sixteenth Upchar is the Mantra Pushpanjali. After you encircle the diety three times, you’ll need to stop chanting. At last, we apologize to the Goddess for any oversights or errors that may have occurred throughout the dedication. They’ll give the prasad to every individual and they’ll also apply Vibhuti to their foreheads. To carry out these Upchars in a similar way, contact Deepak Guruji at his contact number 9669070816 for guidance.

Samgari required for Maa Baglamukhi Puja Nalkheda

Pure local ghee, Dhar, Agar Tagar, honey, sandalwood, and sawdust are the standard ingredients of a Havan. Besides Saptmrittika, sadhana, vermilion roli, camphor, molly, curd, turmeric, and perfume. Also, guggul, Kamalgatta Jatamansi, sesame oil, saffron, Bhojpatra, Naivedya, sesame seeds, sesame seeds, etc. However, most people burn an incense blend called Baglamukhi puja Samagri, which includes ingredients like frankincense, ghee, sandalwood, Nagkesar, Tagar, Vala, lotus seeds, jata masala, and Batriso. Kapoor Guggle, Shatavari, Numeric, and Kachhi.

Ways To Verify Whether the Puja Took Place Just for You

  1. Deepak Guruji will contact the devotee via WhatsApp number 9669070816 for guidance before taking the Sankalpa and before starting the Baglamukhi puja. A second option is to record the Sankalpa and send it to the devotee via WhatsApp while the puja is still in progress. So that they can listen to it even when the Sankalpa gets over. But all that should happen before the Puja finishes.
  2. Those interested in hearing the Sankalpa can also reach out to Deepak Guruji via Skype or WhatsApp. At the time of puja scheduling, devotees must supply their Skype or WhatsApp contact information.
  3. During the Baglamukhi mata ki puja, you will get little clips on WhatsApp demonstrating the Abhishekam of the main deity.
  4. Priests will film themselves reciting a mantra during the puja and distribute the resulting video.
  5. They will also send you an email with short video footage of the Yajna- you can see the Puja taking place live.

Some More Things to Get

  1. You’ll get a short live video footage of the yajna, along with the distinctive pattern of fire, sent to your WhatsApp. The formation of such fire patterns is a sign of the overall success of the Baglamukhi mata ki puja. Looking at the fire patterns formed during the Yajna, one may easily deduce how the Gods are eating the gifts.
  2. When the Yajna is over, Deepak Guruji will send you a link to a short film featuring Arti via email.
  3. Then, once the Maa Baglamukhi puja finishes, Deepak Guruji will bless you.
  4. In the event that you are unable to make it to the puja in person, you can purchase a DVD of the event for a little charge. This DVD will record the key parts of a puja ceremony, including the Sankalpa, Abhishekam, yajna, and the patterns of fire flames during the yajna.
  5. If you want to have a Baglamukhi mata ki puja and have it aired live, you can do so for a baglamukhi puja cost. They capture all of the pujas on film and deliver them to you for your viewing pleasure.

How To Check If the Priests Are Doing the Right Number of Japas for You?

Deepak Guruji always makes it a point to perform a Sankalp to enhance the maa Baglamukhi puja benefits using the betel leaf, betel nut, flower, and a very small amount of rice before beginning the puja. As a highly educated and initiated individual, once he takes the Sankalpa on his own, he successfully fulfils the agreed-upon quantity of Japas. This obligation becomes effective once he has taken the Sankalpa. To know the exact baglamukhi puja cost, you can directly connect with deepak guruji.

End Note 

The name “Deepak Guruji” has become virtually synonymous with fame and faith. You can contact him on this number 9669070816 for advice and guidance on Maa Baglamukhi puja benefits and baglamukhi puja cost. He is an expert in the field of Vedic astrology and other disciplines concerned with the study of the spiritual realm. Born from a Brahmin family, Deepak Guruji’s interest in spirituality began at a young age. He has amassed an enormous body of information on the spiritual practices of Vedic India. There are innumerable success stories of people who have followed Deepak Guruji’s advice and gone on to realize their dreams thanks to his guidance and experience.

You can seek his advice on a wide variety of life issues, including your career, finances, business, Kundali mismatch, love, marriage, matchmaking, marital difficulties, and so on. Despite his vast experience, Deepak Guruji dedicates his life to lifelong learning, as we see from his extensive research into the spiritual teachings of the ancient Vedas. He is well-known and respected because he has helped people from many walks of life and with a wide variety of problems and gained immensely from the Baglamukhi puja benefits. Over the course of his career, he has built a stellar reputation for accurately diagnosing issues and making sound suggestions for moving forward. 

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